New Mom


"After the birth of my son I personally knew I needed to become a healthier, more active person not just for my son but for myself. Being a mom is not easy so trying to better myself was going to take time, hard work, and a game plan. Jonathan was my go to, having known him for years I knew his heart is behind his work. He listened to me and he understood how important this was to me. I suffered a set back by breaking my foot, it was Jonathan's words of encouragement and his simple tricks to get my body moving and my nutrition where it needed to be while I was down and out. He got me in the best shape of my life and it took me weeks to build the courage to do it, and I was amazed to say the least.  My diet has changed dramatically, with Jonathan's guidance I realized I don't need nor do I like the way I feel when I eat "crap". I truly believe i couldn't have done this all without Jonathan, I know the information he has given me is safe, healthy and for me and my needs. Jonathan can help you feel better then ever!!" -Kerry Garon