Doctoring Across the Border:

PERU 2017


These kids are happy, carefree, loving, constantly smiling. Every time I'm there I learn so much from them.

I look at these pictures and all I can do is smile. There is absolutely no feeling I’ve experienced that can come close to how wonderful I feel when I’m in Peru. It's mind-boggling to think that a place with so little, in a material sense, can actually have so much. Every woman, man, and child that I’ve met, no matter their personal, physical, or economic situation, radiated positivity. Happiness paired with gratefulness like I’ve never seen elsewhere.  I could have just smiled their direction and I probably would have been hugged. Nevertheless, I had the pleasure to ensure their good health, provide treatments and in return I received so much more. From love and tears, to hugs, prayers, and even kisses, they never forgot a thank you. I witnessed children receive their first backpacks, as well as school supplies, to which they hugged us so tight as if they never wanted to let go. I saw some locals that I treated there three years ago. In fact, I was the first doctor to a many, even the first health check to a handful of youngsters, and these people reminded me why I love what I do. While there, a group of nine doctors, including myself, were able to treat over two thousand people! I've never felt so loved or appreciated in my entire life. I started these trips because I knew it was the right thing to do, but now, I do them now because I know it's the least that I can do. I can't thank Dr. Christopher Taylor enough for this annual experience and I can't wait to return next year.